The Yehuda Sherlock Melee Detector

  • 2.0 also checks CZ & Moissanites
  • Detects HPHT & ALL CVD synthetics
  • Checks loose stones and REALLY SMALL studded stones.
  • Multiple stones at a time
  • The diamond can be of any size.
  • Inbuilt phone with software.
  •  The 2.0 is 1.25 inch taller.
  •  You can now rotate the ring holder from the outside without the need to open the drawer.
  •  You can manually set the focus so that you no longer need to cover the bottom lamp.
  •  The phone (provided) is connected via cable, so no more disconnection frustrations.
  •  The new phone gives you a slightly larger screen.
  • It can export results via bluetooth , email and also store on G-drive.

Sherlock detects every type of Lab-Grown Diamond.