Smart Pro

Smartpro AURA cvd tester

  • Tests Mounted Jewelry and Loose stones
  • Can detect as small as 0.02mm stones
  • Built-in high-end Smartphone (Samsung S9+) with high camera Resolution
  • Automated 360º check for Rings, Bracelets, and other delicate Jewelry
  • Inbuilt auto Certificate generation and sharing !!! 
  • Test results sharing (via email)
  • Manual Mode View (Use jewelry on tray mode.. can use full tray)
  • Auto Detection Mode View (Use loose separated stones mode.. can use half tray only)
  • Checks near colorless diamonds (D - K)
  • The yellow box marks Natural Diamonds, Blue box marks CVD Synthetics, Red box marks HPHT Synthetics, White box marks Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Moissanite (gets marked under "undefined")