DiaColor Colorimeter for Rough Diamonds

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DiaColor Colorimeter for Rough Diamonds

The most expensive rough colorimeter in the world. May help in detecting natural blue diamonds from the rough.
  • D - Z Color predictions of white to yellow rough diamonds at about +/- ½ color grade
  • Can check yellow in the range of None, Light, fancy, Intense and Vivid
  • Can detect Brown tint in the color range D-F.
  • Blue fluorescence, yellow fluorescence (which indicates cloudiness in the stone).
  • Stone signature follows from rough to polish
  • Type 2A diamonds - Determines if suitable for H.P.H.T.
  • Type 2B diamonds - Determines if fancy blue stones were irradiated
  • “Coated diamonds” - Measures correctly the right color of the diamond under the coat. Suitable for Canada, Congo, Russia and Sierra Leon, including yellow, green and gray coats.
  •  Voltage : 110 / 220
  • Battery : Lithium Ion , rechargeable
  • Approx time on a full charge : 15 working hours.
  • Measuring time : 7 seconds
Variant Comparison





Color range

Weight of rough

suitable stones


C - 300

88 mm

90 mm

1 kg

D - Z

0.30-300 carat

150 mm

C - 1000

98 mm

100 mm

1.1 kg

D - Z

0.30-1000 carat

160 mm


Warranty and service free of charge
  • 5 years

Service Laboratories
  • Israel
  • Belgium
This product may take a production time of about 20 days from the date of placing the order.