Karat Meter JL gold tester

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Karat Meter JL gold tester

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  • PLUG & PLAY design
  • Portable to take to shows / different locations
  • Checks over 25 alloys 
  • Precise Karat / Percentage determination
  • 0.2%wt accuracy with high test speed
  • Modern micro spot XRF technology
  • Intuitive interface of inbuilt screen software
  • Spectrometer controlled by inbuilt touchscreen
  • Can be connected to external devices via USB
  • Compact design with a small footprint
  • Transparent lid - sample can be seen at all times
  • CCD camera assist to check the exact spot needed to be checked
  • Changeable diameter of the analytical spot

X-ray Tube

W target anode, be window, air cooled


SiPIN diode and silicon drift SDD detectors thermoelectrically cooled, 25 mm²

Detectable range

From Mg (12) to U (92)


Fixed collimator, optional 5-position collimator changer available

Measurement time

~ 10 - 60 sec


High-resolution CCD color camera

Integrated Hi-Res display

5” touch screen, resolution 800 x 480

Integrated weighing scale (optional)

accuracy 0.01/0.001gm

Integrated printer (optional)

small ticket printer

Battery backup (optional)

 6-hours operating time

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