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DiaPix Jewelry

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DiaPix is a technology used to capture impressive HD images of a diamond, gemstone or jewelry and includes a 360 degree video to capture all parts of the diamond throughly and precisely.

The video output can display on various channels including the seller's website and trade platforms.

  • Produce 360° HD video of a diamond / gemstone or jewelry in just 60 seconds, enhancing current sales operations.
  • Enhance videos using graphic tools (Digital and Optical Zoom In & Out) to display and sell the most optimal stone.
  • Post your videos on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and more.
  • Embed films into online diamond trade platforms (Rapnet, etc.) or to your own website if you may so wish.
  • Share videos and images with customers immediately.
  • User friendly software.
  • Sharp and brilliant video images captured by our 16 megapixel C-MOS censor.
  • User controls for color including Saturation, Hue, Brightness, Sharpness.
  • Realistic stone colors even for fancy coloured stones.
  • Includes master color stone D to Z and fancy yellow inside.
  • Zoom lens built-in to control viewing size.
  • View 4 image positions (Front, Back, Left side, Right side Girdle-to-Girdle spinning.
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