Data Count JR
Data Count JR
Data Count JR
Data Count JR
Data Count JR
Data Count JR
Data Count JR

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Data Count JR

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  • Counts all shapes of stones from 0.5mm to 3 mm
  • Counting speed: up to 180,000 stones per hour
  • Counts a pre-set number of precious stones
  • Simple operation with a user-friendly interface


  • Significant reduction in labor cost
  • Less handling of stones during the production process
  • Nearly 100% accuracy

Added features (extra costs):

  • Ionizer bar: Reduces static fields. Should be purchased when counting objects generating static fields such as diamonds.
  • DATA Count Manager software: Provides the option of controlling the counting process and retrieving counting data through your own PC, by using Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wide bowl: Enlarge counting range to objects sized 0from .5mm and up to 5mm
Technical features
  • Voltage :         100/240 V AC, 1 phase
  • Frequency :     50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions :    21 X 21 X 20 cm
  • Weight :            5 kgs
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